About Souk

Meet the Chef & Owner

Moussa Salloukh

“This is a new beginning for me. It’s more personal and passionate. Souk is a tribute to my mother and my grandmother, the people who got me to grow and develop into the chef I am today. This is me, with my own palate, doing my own thing, and putting a different twist on the Mediterranean food that I grew up on.”

This is the heart and soul behind Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar.

Chef Moussa Salloukh created Souk to honor the traditions of his mother and grandmother in a way that felt authentic but that also allowed him to put his own creativity and innovations on display. He didn’t want to play by any rules but instead wanted to marry the bold flavors of the Mediterranean Sea in a way that felt unique — but also like home.

Chef Moussa Salloukh started working in the culinary industry at the age of 20, and the rest is history. He found his passion in the kitchen by working his way through almost every position available in the restaurant industry. He is self-taught and proudly wears the title with honor.

His decades of experience in the hospitality industry have benefited his ability to curate an ethnically diverse menu and experience at Souk. “My inspiration comes from my family and culture but also from years of hard work and education in the kitchen. It’s a combination of influences — from the heart, accomplished through technique.”

The Story Behind Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar

When it comes to traditional Mediterranean cuisine, it can be hard to find — especially in Downtown Toledo. Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar has proudly been the go-to option for authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the Warehouse District since 2019.

Unlike many of the other trendy restaurants in Toledo, we believe that food is more than just sustenance – it’s a way of bringing people together. That’s why we’ve created a warm and inviting dining experience that is felt from the moment you step foot in the doors – Smiling faces, a phenomenal fusion of smells coming from the kitchen, and authentic flavors of the Mediterranean made with love.

Our seasonal menus are inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of the region, with Chef Moussa Salloukh crafting dishes that showcase the freshest ingredients, authentic Mediterranean spices, and his own innovations.

Whether you’re in the mood for a marinated lamb shank, hummus the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed, or traditional Lebanese kibbeh nayeh, our menu is your playground. We also offer a carefully curated selection of wine, beer, and cocktails to complement and enhance your dining experience.

We’re proud to be a part of the downtown community and look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant in Toledo. We invite you to join us for a meal and experience the tastes, aromas, and innovation of the Mediterranean Sea the way it’s meant to be enjoyed — with love!

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